Career Advice

Improving Your Pitch - Getting a Higher Salary

Get A Career 22 July , 2019

When you’re looking for a new job, one of the things you look for is the right salary. A good salary and benefits to match make a difference in your decision. What if the company asks you to pitch your own salary request? How can you make sure you get the offer you deserve?

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4 Biggest CV Mistakes That Nurses Make

Get A Career 20 June , 2019

With a global shortage of nurses and other medical professionals expected to reach critical levels over the next decade, you might think you don’t really have to worry too much about your CV. After all, employers will be lining up to hire you, right? They won’t be too picky about your CV.

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Side Hustles You Should Check Out Today

Get A Career 28 May , 2019

It seems like everyone has a side hustle. If you are looking for ways to grab some extra cash, without taking on a regular second job, here are several great ideas.

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Here's How to Find What You're Meant to Do in Life

Get A Career 20 April , 2019

If you’re unhappy in your job it might be because you aren’t doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Have you lost sight of your childhood dreams or forgotten what it’s like to feel excited about your work? Here’s how to find your passion.

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Three Job Skills You Didn't Learn In College

Get A Career 20 March , 2019

Earning your college degree is an important step for many career paths. However, there are many necessary job skills that are often not taught in college. Here are three job skills you probably didn't learn in college, but which you will find absolutely necessary in the work force.

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