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Non-Academic Job Skills to Include in Your C.V.

Get A Career 15 September , 2020

When all things are equal between job candidates it is often the non-academic job skills that make all the difference in the world as organisations make hiring decisions. As such, there are quite a few non-academic job skills you want to make certain to include in your CV. These are some of those skills.

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Tips for Staying Strong When You Work an Active Job

Get A Career 7 August , 2020

An active and physical job will take a lot out of you if you let it. It's essential to keep your body in the best possible position when you work such a job. The following are some tips for staying strong when your job is active.

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Has Your Workplace Become Toxic?

Get A Career 13 July , 2020

Your mental health will be based on many different factors in your life. The health of your workplace is one very important element contributing to your mental stability. When your workplace is not healthy it can have a lot of negative effects on your life. Keep reading to learn about how to identify if your workplace has become toxic. 

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Does Your Social Media Profile Really Matter for a Job?

Get A Career 15 June , 2020

Your social media profile can impact your chances of getting a job. Many employers do use background checks to see your past work history and may even look into your social media accounts. But how do you tell which ones do and don’t, and if your current potential employer will?

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Hot New Online Career - Search Engine Evaluator

Get A Career 28 May , 2020

Social distancing, face masks, and precaution seems to be our new normal lately. When it comes to working you can add home-based and side hustles to the list of new normal in the workforce. It would seem that few of us are working "business as usual" right now. Having a dependable side hustle is a wise step to take in our current economy. If you are not sure where to start, we will share with you one of the most popular work from home side hustles right now, search engine evaluation.     

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