Career Advice

Why You Should Report Your Disability to Your Employer

Get A Career 13 October , 2021

Suffering from a physical or mental disability can frighten you regarding your employment. You might be afraid to disclose your condition to a new employer or acknowledge it on an application because you feel like you'll be subject to discrimination. That isn't always the case, however. In fact, these are three good reasons you should be honest about your disability:

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How to Stay Happy on the Same Job for Years

Get A Career 9 September , 2021

The workplace culture is changing rapidly. One thing that has changed is the length of time people stay in their jobs. People used to keep the same jobs for 10 years or longer. Nowadays, the average time people stay in their jobs is more like two to three years. You can make it on your job for many years if you can keep yourself happy. These are some tips that might help you to do that:

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How to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts Before Your Job Search

Get A Career 16 , 2021

Everyone has two resumes. In addition to the elegant piece of paper with careful formatting and perfect wording, we also have other resumes that are out there for public consumption. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms reveal sides of our lives that many of us would prefer to be kept private.

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How to Get Customers to Leave Positive Feedback for You

Get A Career 12 July , 2021

Positive feedback is one of the most important elements to have in business. It not only builds a sense of trust between you and your clients, but it also makes it easier for new people to trust you. Therefore, you may want to invest some of your time and funds into getting your clients to leave you such feedback. The following are some tips for getting your customers to leave positive feedback for you:

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Jobs You Can Get With a Degree in Sound Production

Get A Career 9 June , 2021

A degree in sound production can open many doors for you in the employment realm. The following are three positions that you can apply for and get if you obtain a sound production degree.

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