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3 Signs Your Boss Is Pushing Boundaries

Get A Career 14 May, 2022

Maintaining healthy boundaries at work is essential to your success in your career and your own mental health. Not every employer is going to respect healthy boundaries. If you have an employer that is pushing boundaries, it is your personal responsibility to deal with it. Otherwise, boundaries will continue to be disrespected and more boundaries will be disrespected. Here are 3 signs that your boss is pushing boundaries.

Requesting Work Outside of Job Description

You were given a specific job description when you were hired. When you are asked repeatedly to complete tasks that are outside of this description, it is a good sign that your employer does not respect this boundary. It is normal to be asked to do an extra task every once in a while, in an emergency situation, or to solve an immediate problem, but when this is your employer's go-to solution for everything, that is unhealthy.

Plan to discuss with your employer the parameters of your job description and how you will not continually do extra tasks.

Infringing on Personal Time

This is a big one. It is very important that you closely guard your personal time. Your personal time outside of work should not be interrupted by phone calls or emails demanding responses. You should also not be asked to devote time outside of work during your personal time to any projects or tasks that are not directly related to your job. This would include personal errands for an employer or working on a pet project or hobby of your employer. You are under no obligation to engage in these activities. If an employer is asking you to, that is a good sign they are pushing healthy boundaries.

Harassment of Any Kind

Another boundary that must be closely protected is that of personal respect. Your employer, although your superior, owes you a certain amount of respect as an individual. If your employer is harassing you in any way, they are pushing this boundary, and it needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible.