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Best Online Soft Skills Programs

Get A Career 9 February, 2021

Many people seem to think that soft skills are simply packaged up with your DNA and personality; you either have them or you don't. Although it is true that some people naturally have certain soft skills, that certainly does not mean soft skills cannot be learned, strengthen, or polished up as well. Let's look at some of the best online soft skills programs to help you improve in this area.


Udemy is a vast online educational platform that offers classes and courses on pretty much anything you want to learn about, and that includes soft skills. They have a great selection of soft skills courses including, "11 Essential Career Soft Skills," and "The 10 Soft Skills You Must Have in the Workplace," and more. Most of the courses on Udemy are very affordable, averaging around $12.99. This is a great place to start working on this important aspect of your career.

Colorado State University

If you are looking for in-depth training with certifications you can add to a resume, Colorado State University offers an online soft skills training course and registration is open to anyone. This course offers three levels of in-depth training, so you can choose which one you need. Price ranges from $70 at the Trek level to $421 at the Mastery Level. You will receive certification badges from Colorado State University which you can add to a resume.

Google Digital Garage

The Google Digital Garage is one of the most comprehensive and inexpensive ways to improve career skills. There are multiple course offerings including soft skills available for free. In addition to the regular courses, Google Digital Garage also offers live training sessions on many topics. These sessions are live so pre-registration is important.

Improving your soft skills is possible. Identify which soft skills need work and jump into one of the wonderful online classes available.