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Career Training That Takes Less Than 4 Years

Get A Career 13 April, 2022

If the whole four-year college degree thing is not your cup of tea, there's good news. Plenty of great careers do not require a four-year college degree. There are tons of essential jobs and trades that require far less time and money investment in training. Let's look at some of these great career opportunities.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists provide a necessary medical service to individuals who are suffering from chronic pain. These professionals are often employed through massage clinics or chiropractor's offices. You can earn a certificate in massage therapy in 1-2 years. This is half the time of a regular degree program. Massage therapists often have the option of working for themselves, crafting their own hours, and being their own boss while making a great income.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are an essential part of our communities. These individuals help to keep our areas safe by dealing with crimes and helping citizens. You can become a law enforcement officer in less than 2 years. Law enforcement also opens up the doors for other careers in criminal justice for those who want to put in the time later on for more training.

Fire Technician

Fire technicians, also sometimes called firefighters, work in their communities to control fire, respond to emergencies, and generally help citizens. These individuals undergo training that often lasts less than a year. There are options for continuing your training after becoming a firefighter in order to move into more specialized operations and positions.