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Hot New Online Career - Search Engine Evaluator

Get A Career 28 May, 2020

Social distancing, face masks, and precaution seems to be our new normal lately. When it comes to working you can add home-based and side hustles to the list of new normal in the workforce. It would seem that few of us are working "business as usual" right now. Having a dependable side hustle is a wise step to take in our current economy. If you are not sure where to start, we will share with you one of the most popular work from home side hustles right now, search engine evaluation. 

What is Search Engine Evaluation?

Basically search engine evaluation is the job of testing search engine queries to make sure the engine is taking users where they need to go. Big search engine companies like Google and Bing use search engine evaluators to add that human touch to their development system. Technology such as search engines can get pretty good, but there still needs to be a human eye to make sure things are working properly and getting better.

What Are The Qualifications?

Although search engine evaluation is not a very difficult job to do, the training and qualification testing can be tedious. Most companies will provide thorough training materials at no charge to you. Beware of any company that asks you to pay for your own training. You will be given plenty of time to prepare for a qualification exam. Besides passing the qualifying exam, most companies will require residency within certain countries for a certain amount of years in order to qualify for that market. 


Most of the companies providing this service will pay $12-15 an hour once you pass the qualification. The really wonderful thing about this job is that your hours can be truly flexible. Most companies will have a minimum amount of hours you need to work each week in order to stay in the program, but you can choose when you work those hours. 

If you are looking for a flexible work from home side hustle, check out search engine evaluator job openings.