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How to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts Before Your Job Search

Get A Career 16 , 2021

Everyone has two resumes. In addition to the elegant piece of paper with careful formatting and perfect wording, we also have other resumes that are out there for public consumption. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms reveal sides of our lives that many of us would prefer to be kept private.

Unfortunately, there is a reality that all job seekers need to acknowledge: Hiring managers do look at social media to learn more about job applicants they are considering hiring. The good news is that you can easily clean up your social media accounts as you ramp up your job search.

Below, we have listed some easy tips that will allow you to present your best self to the world without completely erasing your personality.

1. Set Your Accounts to Private

The easiest way to quickly control what potential employers see about you is to simply set your accounts to private.

2. Delete or Hide Inappropriate Posts

Although your memories of those uni parties are precious, your future employer may get the wrong impression if you look like a party animal.

You can archive your Instagram photos and set your Facebook settings to "Friends" or "Only Me."

3. Add a Professional Touch

One thing you can do is add a professional bio to the profiles on your accounts.

Another great idea is to edit your URLs and handles so that they reflect who you are today.

4. Deactivate Old Social Media Accounts

If you have old accounts on YouTube or MySpace out there, consider ditching them. There's no need for hiring managers to be privy to your teen angst.

5. Add Photos That Are Appealing and Professional

Consider adding a profile and cover photo that reflects your positive attitude.

You can also share inspiring memes to give employers an idea of who you are.