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How to Write an Interview Thank-You Note

Get A Career 9 December, 2020

Smart job candidates who want to distinguish themselves from the competition always send thank-you notes after job interviews. A thank-you note accomplishes many things; it brings you back to mind to the interviewer, it demonstrates your maturity and professionalism and it allows you to reiterate your interest in the job. Here’s how to write a great interview thank-you note.

Use Correct Salutation

The salutation is very important in your interview thank-you note. Remember, this is not a casual email that you're sending to your friends. Use a salutation such as Dear Mr. Smith, or Dear Eric if you were on a first-name basis during the interview.

Sign Off With Your Full Name

Even if you were on a first-name basis during the interview, don't expect that Mr. Smith is going to recognize you by your first name only. When you sign off, use both your first and last name.

Use A Professional Ending

Don't use a word like “Sincerely” at the very end of your thank-you note. Instead, you can use “With best regards,” “Best regards” or “Cordially.” These are the accepted professional endings.

Your First Words Should Be Thank You

Start off by saying thank you. Your first sentence might be, “Thank you for taking the time to interview me on '[date]'. This helps jog the interviewer’s memory so they can easily look up their interview notes on you.

Tell Them You Enjoyed Yourself

Next, say something that lets them know you like the interview process (even if you didn’t). Something like “I enjoyed meeting with you and learning more about ABC Company.”

End With Your Note of Interest

Your last sentence should be something like, “I hope that we can work together and look forward to hearing from you soon.”

If you send a thank-you note like this every time, you’ll make the best possible impression!