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The Number 1 Habit That Will Improve Your Career

Get A Career 23 October, 2019

Everyone wants to improve their life. We want to lose weight, earn more money, improve our relationships. Would you believe that there is one habit that can help you start your journey toward all of these goals? In his book Change Your Habits, Change Your Life, author Tom Corley shares the most common habits of the worlds most successful individuals. What is their secret?

The Power of Habit

Our habits are essentially what define us. You may think you are defined by the clothes you wear, or the house you live in, but really it is your habits that shape your life. Each day we are participating in behaviors that are either extensions of our habits, or are leading us to a new habit. When we take control of our habits, then and only then will we really take control of our lives. Many people feel that they do not have control over their habits. They feel that life just happens to them. The truth is your habits are really the only thing you do have control over. Once you harness the power of your habits, then you will harness the potential to make any change in your life that you wish. 

What Successful People Know

Successful people understand the power of their own habits and that is why they take care of their habits. They do not indulge in bad habits and they spend much time cultivating good habits. 

Number 1 Habit of Successful People

So, what did Tom Corley find out while studying successful people for five years? They all get up early. By early I mean almost 3 hours earlier than the start of their work day. Why do they do this? By simply getting up earlier, you are putting yourself in control of your day. Most people roll out of bed and immediately start fulfilling the demands of others. Getting up early gives you the power of being in charge. Successful people use this time to exercise, plan their day, practice focused thinking about their life and goals. Giving yourself this extra time every day will help you to better set goals, give yourself needed personal care, and most importantly feel in control of your life. 

Being successful in your career and life is not as difficult and mysterious as some people make it out to be. Try this one life changing habit and see if you get results.