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What's the Difference Between a Career and a Job?

Get A Career 9 December, 2021

When you’re job hunting, you have choices among jobs. Job boards offer positions for everything from dishwashers to CEOs. Some, but not all, of those jobs can lead to careers. There are big differences between jobs and careers, though. Here are the main differences.

Jobs Can Lead to Careers

Some kinds of jobs can lead to lasting, fulfilling, and lucrative careers. Jobs at companies with upward mobility provide a work environment where hard work can be rewarded with promotion after promotion. Examples include restaurant work, property management jobs, and most office jobs.

You May Work a Variety of Jobs, but Not a Variety of Careers

During the course of your life, you may work at many different jobs, all in different areas of business. You may land a job at a landscaping company trimming hedges or blowing leaves, then move on to a job bussing tables at a restaurant, then work as a caddie at a golf course. But you’ll likely have only one or perhaps two careers in your life at the most. Careers span decades, while jobs span months or years.

Careers Take More Planning

If you want to have a career, you will need to do more planning. A career usually requires some sort of education or certificate of competency. For example, if you want to be a career bookkeeper, you’ll need a certificate in Sage, Quickbooks or some other professional accounting software in order to prove you know what you’re doing. Careers often require certain steps. To work a career in the publishing industry, you’ll need to make savvy upward career moves, for instance. Jobs don’t require as much planning, since you can simply take any job that you’re qualified for and that pays you enough.

Whether you’re looking for a job or a career, job boards offer a plethora of opportunities.